Monday, December 15, 2008


My internet has been playing hard to get. Which is rather annoying. You know what else is annoying? Landscape cloth. Hip hip hoorah for the volunteers from the Career Center! They have been yanking out landscape cloth out for the last two weeks. I regret I don't have photos of plants growing through the landscape cloth. Or maybe I just feel like I've been singing the same song about landscape cloth you don't need to hear it again, even if it is in the key of D flat major.

So I'm super thrilled that our trees got staked and Elsie wrapped our trees. Remember they are trees and not presents. I know we all have Christmas on our minds but wrapping trees is a little different than wrapping presents. Since I didn't rant about landscape cloth indulge me for a moment about tree wrap. First of all, you must remember to take it off in the spring. Remember you are wrapping a tree, not splinting a broken arm. Since tree wrap is to protect the tree from sun scald I prefer to not wrap the entire tree and wrap just the side that will be bearing the brunt of the sun. That way less moisture should build up between the wrap and the tree and less damage should occur from moisture and pests. Plus, you use a whole lot less tree wrap. So when you see our trees looking like they are wearing some sort of fancy tree corset remember, I am only trying to protect my tree from sun scald until the tree can take care of it on its own. That is what bark is for after all. You will note that only the pampered nursery trees get the fancy wrap. Our perfectly acclimatized trees from the city are good to go.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of the asclepias, aka butterfly milkweed, going to seed. And now I am a little asleepias my ownself. I'll check in with you all later. Zzzzzzzzzzzz....

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