Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rock Roses

I couldn't resist a quick post about the rock roses (helianthemum). They are one of mine, and definitely on of Kenton's, favorites. It was like an electric wire to the eye this morning as I walked past them. Their sunny, yellow hearts looked so good with the sedum behind I had to snap a couple of pix. I like the first one even though it is a little blurry, it harkens back to the drug addled 60's when bright yellow, electric pink and chartreause looked just fine together.

Here is a nother more sober view. Just lovely, don't you think?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Irises smell just as good as they look. And the irises look gooood. Oh and look. There is our new sculpture!


Before you read any further you should probably put on your sunglasses. The blue of the delphiniums in the community garden are so bright it'll blind you. Really. The photo doesn't do them justice you have just got to take a gander at them for yourself. But remember. Bring your eye protection.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


For those of you who are regular readers have no doubt read my rants on landscape cloth. Get ready for another one. We were renovating a garden today and ran into some landscape cloth. The photo below shows the awful interface that happens when landscape cloth is used. The roots are from a bindweed that has tunneled through the landscape cloth. The good news is they couldn't grow through the compacted soil. Good for weeds but what about the nice plants you want to grow? They need good soil not dead compacted soil that has been suffocated by landscape cloth. There is no such thing as a maintenance free garden. You'll have to weed even if you use landscape cloth, especially if you are a chucklehead that puts down organic mulch on top of your landscape cloth. So suck it up. Pull up the landscape cloth and do a little weeding. It is good for you plus it keeps you in touch with your garden. 'Nuff said.

The first thing I did on Tuesday was stop and get a pick-up-truck-load of plants. What a way to start the day! I highly recommend it. You should try it some time. All these lovlies are going into the Children's Garden. What fun!

Here are three friendly faces. On the left is our new intern. In the middle is Ginny, expert gardener and keeper of the Children's Secret Garden. On the right is Derek, my right hand man for two days a week. We are getting a great crew together. It is going to be a wonderful summer.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hi All!

Tremendous things have been happening in the gardens and I feel guilty for not telling you about it sooner. We've gotten new art from the city. I'm trying to figure out how to download the pictures from my phone. It is hard to believe I was a tech girl in a former life. ;)

You have to see the new sculptures. Just head to the gardens, one is in Shozan-en and one is right outside of the conservatories. One by Michael Ford-Dunton and one by Dave Davis. They are both phenominal artists. And their work looks so good in the Gardens.

The irises are doing their thing. They are about a week late but they look terrific!

The Children's Garden is getting a bunch of new plants this week. The heirlooms are coming! The heirlooms are coming!

That is it for now. I'll be letting you know as things develop but you shouldn't wait on me. You should come on down to the Gardens and see what's sprouting for yourself!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Usually I like to talk all about my triumphs. Not today. Although I'm riding high on the wave of self accomplishment I'm more excited about flowers. I just noticed our Plant Select butterfly bush (I think it is one of the fancy-not-yet-available ones) has some really, really cute flowers on it already!

The amsonia, also a Plant Select, is starting to bloom. I just love this little guy because the leaves form a cup for the flowers to bloom in. You've gotta' come down and check it out. It only blooms for a little while in the Spring.

You gotta' come down anyway to see the new fence and gates and to shop 'til you drop at Bloomin' Deals and to notice all the trash that the City hauled off for us today. Yes. Today was a triumph.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Every Day Is A Thrill

I've been noticing all the drastic changes along our front bed this week and really am excited by all the changes happening. Every day there is a new flower out or I'm loving the way the rain has rearranged the blooms (the catnip really caught my eye. One plant looked like a ballerina's tutu and the other looked like some teen aged boy with his short hair touseled by eight or ten hours of good sleep). It is just magnificent!

I've started working a new schedule, Sunday through Thursday instead of Monday through Friday, and I love it because it gives me more quality time in the conservatories. Every day there is something new going on in there. I forget that because my attention is on our outdoor gardens right now. It is too thrilling to see the cycad with new leaves coming out. They look like the start of a crown, just tremendous. Also, one of our gingers has kindly placed itself so when you go into the tropical greenhouse it is the first thing your eye hits. What a welcome!

Even the butterflies are playing along. I released a Queen butterfly this morning who regally placed herself right at eye-level, well, eye-level if you are a shortie. With free Sunday there have been a lot of visitors and kids especially. It was wonderfuly watching the kids marvel at the butterfly that was just at their height. She hung out there all morning then decided to show off by flying around the butterfly house.

It is a wonderful time to be at the Gardens. Stop by if you haven't in a while, every day is a thrill.