Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grey, grey

Grey, grey go a way! Come again some other day.

This grey weather has made it impractical to have butterflies in the butterfly house. They really need sunny days to fly.Plus, our suppliers in Florida got wiped out because of the cold so it looks like it will be a week or so until we are able to have butterflies again. Sigh.

But here is a lovely picture to remind us that yes, there will be sunshine and flowers.


Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth. I just found out there is a botanical garden in Grand Junction. I visited the area the summer of 2001 prior to attending the AABGA (now APGA) American Public Gardens Association. I am currently in south Florida, where I work at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. I loved the dryness and incredible scenery of the Grand Junction area. We did have cold weather in S. Florida - at the garden we had 4 nights that had temps below 40°. We hadn't had temps like this since 1989! Do you have zebra butterflies in your conservatory? They are one of the more beautiful ones found down here. Best wishes to you all!

Elizabeth said...

Hello! It is so good to hear from you. I haven't made it to Fairchild when it has been open. I have family in Miami and we always seem to be driving by at night. Our butterfly farmers are all in southern Florida and we haven't been able to have any in the butterfly house for about a month. We do fly zebras. I like them because they are very friendly. As soon as the snow melts off here we'll be adding more of the crazy desert plants we love so much. Keep checking the blog. It will be more pictures, less music.

Mary Collins said...

Hi Elizabeth, hopefully you will be getting some butterflies from south Florida soon. They are rebounding here and plants are recovering also. I did not introduce myself, I'm Mary Collins, Senior Horticulturist at Fairchild. Zebras in my own yard gather at dusk and sleep perched on dead leaves or stems. I can send a photo if you would like. Mary

Elizabeth said...

Hi Mary,

It looks like we will be getting pupae this Friday with butterflies to emerge soon. We have some swallowtails that have overwintered in our puparium and they are now emerging one by one as the days get longer. We have mood lighting in our butterfly house and I get a kick out of seeing our butterflies roost in the trees. Yes! Send pictures.