Friday, December 4, 2009

The Problem With The Internet

The internet is great. You can see pictures of things thousands away from where you are. You can keep up with people you care about no matter where they are. Heck, you can even buy a waterproof MP3 player at three in the morning. Not only that but you can listen to music from local community radio around the corner or snooty jazz music from Paris. You can watch movies. You can learn how to prune properly. You can do all kinds of things but when you sniff your computer all you smell is plastic. And that is a great disappointment. To get over this disappointment I head to the greenhouses. In the butterfly house the ginger is blooming. Mmmmm. It smells so good! Unless you are Mercer. Yeah, he thinks it stinks. But what does a three year old know anyway? Hmmphf.

So here is the ginger. Looking lovely and smelling great. But don't stop just in the butterfly house. We have some orchids in the rainforest that are awesomely odoriferous.

These are the ones. They are called "Dancing Dolls" but they should really be called "Chocolate Delight".

So I recommend you quit sniffing your computer and come down to the Gardens and enjoy a truely wonderful olfactory experience.

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