Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Wow, was I sick. There are some nasty germs running around out there. So becareful, drink lots of orange juice, eat right and most of all don't pick your nose. You really, really don't want to get sick and spend a week and a half in bed. Specially since when you get back to work you have all this work you have to catch up on before you get to do the fun jobs you really like, like blogging.

Here is something cool that happened while I was sick: the lighting.

Cool photo, huh? That's one of Shirley's. This next one is too. That is why Shirley's photos are in the calendar and not mine.

"Calendar? What calendar?" you might be asking. The WCBG calendar of course! It has 12 super cool photos of the Gardens. As I mentioned, a lot of Shirley's photos are in it but so are Denice's and one by Bob. They are ten bucks and all proceeds go to the Gardens. Get yours today because they are going fast. Who knows if any will be left tomorrow.

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