Monday, April 26, 2010

No Cord

With all the music I've been posting lately I'll bet you think I meant no chord but I didn't. The cord to the camera has been misplaced so I haven't been taking any pictures lately. I feel a little guilty about that because there is a lot going on here!

The City came in with their skid steer and made short work of our old fence. I heard it took five years to put it up. It came down in four hours. FOUR HOURS! We've had staff meetings last longer.

The new fence is coming up lightning fast as well. They said it was going to take a month but I don't think so. Not the way those boys are working.

I've just about got the irrigation going. Yee Haw! It is almost warm enough to run through the sprinklers.

The irises are looking better and better every day. The word for spring right now is purple. The grape hyacinth, the veronica and the catnip are dominating at the moment.

Come on down. The weather has been beautiful and your botanic garden is growing in beautiful ways.

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