Friday, July 17, 2009


Is it Friday already? Again? Really?
What a big week we had down here. Monday I was on "What's Sprouting" our monthly radio program at KAFM. Mark your calendars and tune your radios to 88.1 every second Monday at noon. You'll hear me babbling like an idiot, which, I understand, can be entertaining.
Tuesday the Green Guides folks were here. What a great bunch of folks. We went traipsing through the Gardens after hours looking at the native plants and relating them to home gardening. I had a blast. I always like showing off our gardens and will do it at the drop of a hat.
For example, the guy from the USDA stopped by to check in on Wednesday so, of course, I had to drag him through the Gardens pointing out this and that. And there is a lot of this and that right now, as you all most likely know.
I also got to meet again with the Tamarisk Coalition folks and somebody from Public Works with the City o' GJ. The conservation project going on on Watson Island is truely amazing. Next time you are at the Gardens allot a little extra time and take a stroll on the island. You can actually see the river. And the Gardens.
John came out and hopefully my irrigation irritations in the amphitheater are over. Yee Haw!
Today will be another big day. The Science Sleuths were here yesterday and they'll be here today again today. This is a cool collaboration between the City, the Math and Science Center, the Audubon Society and us. With all of us working together this program has been tremendously successful and the best thing is that no one had to do a ton of work. We all just contributed our on parts. I'm glad my part wasn't having to keep track of 14 rambunctious boys.
And how could I forget???? My favorite fellas from the City's Forestry Department were down removing and chipping trees. Oh don't be shocked, they weren't our fancy shmancy trees. They were wacking down those obnoxious Siberian Elms (aka Chinese Elms). I think we'll be replacing them with cottonwoods. I really love those trees. They provide such nice shade and I love the way they grow. And yes, I even like it when the cotton starts flying around. I got such a kick out of that as a kid and as some you may know, that kid is still around.
What a week, huh? Well, it is time to get moving. Today is another big day. See you in the Gardens!

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