Thursday, July 9, 2009

There has been so much going on I just don't know where to start. Dr. Curtis came out from the CSU extension and installed our ET transmitter. No, we are not trying to lure a cute little alien to the Gardens, an ET transmitter regulates the amount of water that is applied based on an average of how much water the plants are using. The transmitter gets weather information from local weather stations and then calculates accordingly. It has been going almost a week and I can't really tell how it is doing. I know it is a great relief not having to remember to water. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

So Dr. Curtis comes in at 8:30 last Friday and says "You are going to be on the air in 30 minutes." Yikes! Any of you tuning in to KKCO last Friday around 9:15 will have heard me talking about the butterflies. There are pupae hanging in the puparium and butterflies fluttering around in the butterfly house. The greenhouses are a nice place to be when it is so unbelievably hot. All of a sudden 80 degrees seems kind of nice.

Dr. Curtis also brought his intern Claire out and I set her to work. She pruned the wisteria. You should come down and have a look. It is blooming again and looks just great. She took Jeff's kyak out to the middle of the pond and did a little investigating on the whole foot valve situation. She helped out with the watering and most importantly of all chose an excellent pizza for lunch.

It is toad season. Those little buggers are everywhere. They sure are cut though.

That is it for today. Time to get out in the Gardens while it is still nice and cool.

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