Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Rest of the Day Friday

Yee Haw! Hoo Rah! and Sis Boom Bah!

Friday was was a the nexus of the finalizaiton of four projects. I'd have been happy if any one of the following tasks got done but all four did so I'm way up there in the stratosphere of happiness.

1. Richard finished the duck float and put it in place. I haven't seen any ducks dancing the rhumba out there on the duck float yet but it is just a matter of time I'm sure. That and maybe they'd like a disco ball.

2. There were a couple of repairs and some pruning in the butterfly house I wanted to get done. It looks so wonderful in there.

3. The siberian elm forest that threatened to take over Celebration Plaza has been removed.

4. Most thrilling of all because I've been working on this one for around two years, there is a hose bib in the amphitheater and all the zones are working the way they should. This is truly a time to break out a bottle of the bubbly.

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