Monday, November 17, 2008

Ah, Yes, It is Monday

I generally stay away from the bemoaning of Mondays as being a bad day because you are back at work because I like my job. Every day is a good day even Mondays. I almost forgot that this morning when the first thing I did was walk into the greenhouse and turn on the water and the faucet broke in my hand. Cuss, cuss, cuss. However, I have amazing volunteers. They are used to changing jobs at a moment's notice. I think it keeps things exciting for them. Anyway, it all got resolved and the day turned out just great. We got the last of the trees planted in the amphitheater, thanks to Willie and Tom our friendly urban forresters and Felila and Tyler. The new nectar sources got planted in the greenhouse thanks to Ginny and Dolores. If you haven't seen the amphitheater lately you should see it now that it is full of trees. And you should stop by and see our cute little nectar sources.

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