Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Procrastinators Rejoice!

Mother Nature has been very good to us this fall. I know, I know, we sure could have used a couple of really good snow storms or even some rain but these warm temperatures have been a gardener's delight. Normally by now the Gardens would be snug and ready for winter. Instead the warm days and relatively warm nights has meant that you could still be putting plants in the ground and getting a jump on your winter watering. In fact I'd recommend taking the hose out this afternoon or even tomorrow and giving your trees a good drink and getting some water on your perennial beds. They will thank you for it next spring. To all you procrastinators out there get moving! This grace of good weather is not going to last. Get those bulbs in the ground! I will be transplanting grasses and moving around a few plants and trees to get things going for next year. Have fun! I will be.

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