Thursday, February 18, 2010

Butterfly House

I'm doing my work in the Butterfly House this afternoon. It is so nice in here. There are a couple of butterflies roaming around. The jasmine is blooming so it smells really good. The humidity is at 80% so my skin is happy.

Oh look the butterflies are playing. Yeah, right. I used to think that too. Now that I know our little lepidoptera a bit better I now know that they are not playing but waging war. They are pugnacious little critters, very teritorial.

I know I'm spoiled rotten because I get to hang out in the butterfly house. Don't get too jealous though because you, yes you, could have this job too. I'm looking for some fine folks who like to spend time in our Butterfly House.

As you have just discovered our butterflies are a little rowdy and they need some babysitting. So if you are interested in hanging out in the most beautiful spot in Grand Junction let me know. Email me at or call me at 245-3288, ext. 3. But I'm warning you. I'm learning from the butterflies. You might have to fight me for a spot on the bench. ;)

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