Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Color

So this morning I was at the DBG checking out the gardens, seeing how they were holding up under the snow. Cristina had a meeting with their volunteer coordinator and I miraculously had meetings with no one but the plants. Perfect.

I am ready to wax poetic about amber, ochre and honey and the lovely blond seed heads on the grasses tossing back and forth in the wind. Don't get me wrong, the prickly pear had turned a lovely shade of burgundy and created a texture that I'd like to recreate on my office wall. The atriplex was really green, like summer green. And if you looked for them, here and there were glimpses of all the greens of spring tucked in between rocks and crevasses. 

But it was that soft, sweet, sunshiney yellow that predominated through the snowy landscape. It was  as though summer and winter were holding hands. Enjoying each other without the showy interference of the brilliant colors of spring and fall. 

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