Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Light As A Feather

stiff as a board. And speaking of...boards, not stiffs, here is our board. Aren't they a good looking bunch? This picture was taken at their last retreat, and I'm not talkin' about Bonapart's retreat. These folks are getting things done.

I remember playing that game Light as a Feather and Stiff as a Board when I was a kid. I wasn't inclined towards magic so the hocus pocus part was lost on me. What I did realize was through my experience as a feather was if a bunch of people pitched in all of a sudden you could lift a twelve year old girl. Cool. And that is just what our board is doing. Everyone is pitching in and we are accomplishing great things. I am so excited for what the upcoming year is going to bring. It is going to be wonderful.

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