Tuesday, February 16, 2010


As you can see by looking at the right side of this blog, I don't link to a lot of other sites. There are more blogs and websites thasn one person will ever be able to slog through. So when I link I try to find a good reason for linking.

It is a no brainer why I link to CSU. We luv them. The Garden Rant crew is definitely fun and informative and their guest bloggers are fabulous! The Human Flower Project caught my fancy for their in depth posts that really reflect the "human-ness" that plants bring out in  us. World Changing is my dose of theory, intellect and grass roots action.

Today I am adding a new link. Drum roll please. It is to the Garden Professors.

How many of you were at Landscapes West a couple of years ago. That's right, raise your hands. You. In the back. Is your hand up or are you just scratching your head? Let's see, one, two... That many? Remember Jeff Gilman, the mythbuster of the plant world? Well, he's teamed up with a couple of other brainy folks and they've put together a blog where you can read all sorts of interesting things about plants and learn words like paraheliotropism and thigmonasty. Who doesn't want to throw a word like "thigmonasty" into their conversation? Or their rap song?

Anyway the thing is, that by the time you are done reading their blog post for the day you are smarter than when you started. How do they do that?

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