Monday, July 14, 2008


There were a lot of critters out and about today. Below on the log in front on the right side is our cute little turtle. It just showed up one day a week or so ago. Richard says it is really shy, so we kept our distance.

Then I saw a velvet ant and I got really excited because I'd never seen one live before. I didn't know they are a type of wasp.

And our cute green frog showed up. I hadn't seen it since March. Richard and Tristam said it was croaking. Which is so much better than it having croaked which is what I thought it did.

Oh there were technical difficulties today. The swamp cooler was leaking. It had been leaking off and on for about a week and I didn't think too much about it. Today it started leaking in the gift store so it needed attention ASAP. The problem was the old float had corroded and it wasn't working properly causing a leak on the compression fitting. Not only do I now know how to replace a float on a swamp cooler, I know where the cut-off valve is for the water for the swamp cooler. Yee Haw!

Here is the new float.

Here is Keith from Lunsford showing me the old float.

Here is the drain.

Here is the whole swamp cooler assembly.

And here is David trying to fix the leak.

See, he can do things other than glad handing. Which as you can see he is very good at.

This was Friday night at the Art Center. They invited the Gardens to be at the opening and have really reached out to the Gardens. The shows are really great and you should take the time for a visit.

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