Friday, July 11, 2008

Don't Be Koi

The opuntia beetle has arrived. No, that isn't a good thing. What is a good thing is that Bob is coming out next week to look at the solitary bees and he can take a gander at them while he's here. If I had a better camera you could see it under the third flower from the left. They are really groovy looking insects. Come out to the Gardens if you want to see one up close and personal. Just don't wait too long because I know between Bob and the Cactus Club they aren't going to be around long.

Just a few steps from the cactus garden is our pond with lovely, lovely lillies. I couldn't resist snapping a couple of pictures.

Memorial Gardens donated three gorgeous koi to the Gardens. And one bonus catfish. They were actually kind of tough to catch. I thought it would be really easy. Just sprinkle some food on top and up they come and WHAM! You've got them. Monte had to drain the pond in order to net them. I didn't get any pictures of the catching process because I was afraid I'd get my camera wet. Where I slipped was when I had my camera at the Gardens when we were releasing them. I didn't go in. Whew. Anyway here is the exciting koi release.

Fish #1

In it goes.

Fish #2

Fish #3

This was the one that was jumping the worst and now it doesn't want to go. Silly fish.

Free at last!

Isn't it cool?

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