Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Mystery is Revealed!

Wednesday is a pretty good day for revealing much anticipated news. Today is the day you find out about the mystery garden. If you've been keeping up on this blog you'll know that there are a lot of really great changes happening at the gardens. One of these really great changes is the development of a new garden, a Japanese Garden. Now, wipe that expression off of your face. Everyone looks at me like that when I mention Japanese Garden. It isn't what you think. I know Western Colorado isn't the ideal place for a Japanese Garden. And I know WCBG isn't exactly the dream spot for it either, especially since the focus of the Gardens is being refined, (more on that later).

I did have the "Japanese Garden Manifesto" posted on-line here a couple of days ago. I can't leave it up because after today (Friday) and our meeting with Dan Johnson and Ebi Kondo it is most definitely going to be refined. For those of you who read it, it is the starting point. For those of you who didn't, the new garden will still be a big mystery for a while longer. Isn't it great to have a little suspense in your life?

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