Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Technical Difficulties

I know, I know, it has been almost a week. But I've been beleaguered by technology. First the camera, next the internet connection. Hopefully it will all be resolved soon. In the meantime, there have been all kinds of excitement happening at the Gardens. Monday was a typical catch-up day, I actually got a ton of paperwork done and some good research on nectar sources for our butterflies. Tuesday was meeting day. But in the greenhouse we saw nature in action. Those of you who are a little more sensitive may want to skip this part and head on down to the next picture. There we were in the greenhouses admiring the butterflies when "Hey! Look at this! A spider is eating one of the butterflies!" And sure enough it was. I wish they'd just stick to a steady diet of ghost ants and do us all a favor but spiders have a mind of their own. Well, maybe a nerve or two or their own. The phone camera just doesn't do it justice. Poor little julia.

So, on to today. Today was a great day! Why? Because the first bunch of trees from the City came today. I love the City. They are donating a lot of trees to us. Not these little things either. Nice big evergreens. Shade trees. A few ornamentals. Fabulous trees. Well Tom and Willy started planting them today. I even got to dig a hole for one. Yeah, that is me with my perfect tree hole.

So what I'm not showing is the irrigation line I cut through. Ooops. Tomorrow I get to find out how to repair an irrigation line. See you then.

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