Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What Fun!

I'm sure "What fun!" is what Tyler is saying about digging up the irrigation lines on Friday. He and Richard and Lloyd did a fantastic job of fixing my mistake. I have the best volunteers in the world.

Here's a little TNT, Tom and Tony, City Arborists who are currently removing a stump from behind the amphitheater.

The results of a little TNT in the International Garden. They'll be grinding down the stump later in the winter. You know. On a slow day.

And speaking of winter, here is a lovely winter fat. Something we'll all be seeing way too much of after Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for sure.

And on the newsy side, the misters are indeed working in the greenhouses for all of you who were worried about that. And yes, the "Japanese Garden" is coming along just great. Thank you for asking. I should have a plant list ready to post soon.

There were the greatest kids from Delta visiting the WCBG the last two days. I'm sorry I didn't get a sound clip of them doing their wolf cry. It was fantastic.

The Watson Island cleanup is going really well. Take a stroll on the island and see for yourself.

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steve q said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Do not forget the best part.. I was able to visit you in
Grand Junction on Monday and Tuesday October 20 – 21. It was great to tour the gardens and see all of the progress. Outstanding volunteers, terrific vistas and a stellar staff. Thank you for taking time to show me around.

A must visit when in town.

Steve Q