Monday, April 7, 2008


Well, the problem last night was not in the butterfly house as I suspected. It was actually in the big greenhouse. After poking around and checking this and that, waking up Wayne from Lunsford (sorry Wayne) and reading the manual I’m pretty sure the problem is that the aspirators are not working properly. I wasn’t about to get up on a ladder in the dark (we have got to get some lighting in the greenhouses) so I left it for today. The nights aren’t getting too cold and I readjusted the temperatures so the plants and butterflies were OK for the night. And of course I slept with my cellphone on my pillow just in case the temperature alarm went off. It didn’t. Actually, I’m hoping I can wait until Friday to check the aspirators because that is when Richard is in. Not only is Richard good on a ladder, but he also has a very analytical mind.

So what did I do today instead of working in the greenhouse? Transplanting! I’m still working on the amphitheater garden with Clayton, the Gardens’ head grounds keeper, and Bayley. Plus, Zachariah Walker brought a couple of his students down and we started ripping out a small patch of grass that is soon to be a lovely meadow-like flower bed. And of course there were a million other little things. Mary got the new contact paper on the boards we hang the pupa on and it looks great. Yvonne from the Herb Society stopped by and I ran into Karen from the Mesa County Division of Pest Managemen on the river front trail. Betty was here to be a docent for a school group. All in all it was a good day.

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