Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I noticed the barrel cactus were starting to bloom then I stepped back and saw that Ernie's Cactus Garden is looking really good so I took a picture of the whole thing.

The river looks sort of pastoral, doesn't it?

Well, it is still rising.

Some of our chives are already blooming. Some of the others still look like overgrown grass.

This is the big excitement in the greenhouse today. The banana plant in the greenhouse has flowers and tiny green bananas. you can't really see them but they are kind of like zucchini where the fruit is on the back end of the flower. They are really great.

I didn't get anywhere on the pump today. Clayton was good enough to bring in a pipe wrench for me but between 6 tours (thank you Ingrid for not making it 8), fertilizing the lawn, and fiddling with the irrigation in the Children's Garden the day flew by. I'll try again tomorrow but I think it is going to be just as hectic. I'll let you know.

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