Sunday, April 13, 2008


Hi Everybody! You may have noticed that I haven't been in the Gardens the last couple of days. Look south, I'm in Santa Fe. David Salman at High Country Gardens/Santa Fe Greenhouse has been generous enough to offer some plants to the Gardens. And me being the Operations Manager needed to come down and pick them up. The sacrifices I make for the Gardens! ;) Today I was at the Botanical Garden in Albuquerque, the Rio Grande Botanic Garden. It was lovely. Here are the pictures to prove it.

Here is a beautiful redbud and the wisteria archway.

I like their memorial rose garden and spring displays.

This flowering cottonwood looks like it belongs in the Japanese Garden.

The plants and the views in the Japanese Garden were terrific as was the rest of the gardens. It was so inspiring that I can hardly wait to get back to the Gardens and get working!

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