Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh, Wow.

For those of you who happen to find yourselves in Santa Fe should most definitely make the pilgrimage to High Country Gardens. They did donate some really great plants for our Amphitheater Garden and "Four Seasons Garden" but you should go just because it is a really great nursery on par with Bookcliff, Meadowlark, Valley Grown, or Mount Garfield. I refrained from taking pictures until we came to one of the special "employees only" greenhouse. It was gorgeous. The colors and varieties of plants was incredible. And it was only one of the "holding" greenhouses. My picture (below) did not do it justice. It really took my breath away. I was excited by the Albuquerque gardens yesterday but today's visit to High Country Gardens only added more fuel to the fire. I'll be back tomorrow with a load of plants and a couple of itchy green thumbs!

Every plant you would ever want.

Tricia and David selecting plants.

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Quinlan said...

This place ROCKS.. I have purchased cacti from them on line. Nice to see your blog is up and running.

S Quinlan
Canton, MI