Thursday, April 24, 2008

Roses and Bugs

The Rose Society was out at the Gardens Tuesday night and just look what they did to the roses! Any of you out there who know about roses know they did the right thing. It is spring and time to butcher your roses. I'm glad that any of you who have waited until now resisted the temptation to prune them during the spell of lovely weather we had a few weeks ago. It is hard to wait until the last frost but your roses will love you for it. What looks like a few scraggly twigs will be full of beautiful blooms soon. You just wait and see.

Calling all entomologists. What is this insect? It was about this size. One of our volunteers Tracey and I found it in the hollyhock bed where she was weeding and planting more hollyhocks. Let me know if you can identify it. Thanks


Anonymous said...

I am no entomologist (just the wife of one), but this looks like a spider more than an insect! count the legs, all insects have 6 legs, this one has 8!

Elizabeth said...

You all are going to make me smart whether I want to be or not!