Wednesday, May 7, 2008


My computer is up and running. Hooray! Now, that my computer processor is doing it's thing can my mental processor do the same?


Here is the latest graffiti to grace our walls. Kathleen of the Chinle Cactus Club is threatening to put a super spiny cactus in that bed to deter the delinquents. I'm with her on that one. This is the 5th time the Gardens has been hit since January. If I get my hands on them I'll have them pulling weeds until they are begging to be incarcerated. Uh, I mean, if you have any information regarding this incident call the Grand Junction Police Department.

I liked these clouds.

Lovely tulips in the Sensory Garden. The rest of Friday was a blur. Too many people with too many questions and too much to do. I was so discombobulated I actually left on time.


The river is a'rising.

Although it still looks pretty peaceful from this angle and I haven't seen any of the beaver dams dislodged yet. And speaking of varmints...

Here is the home of the Garden's newest resident. Can you believe a ground squirrel can move that much dirt. It does make me laugh that it made its home in the more "naturalistic" garden. Native plants, rocks and habitat. It worked! Rick came back out and set a trap but when I checked it this morning the clever little rodent took the bait but stayed out of the trap. I didn't know for sure what was living under that rock but Kathleen gave an eyeball confirmation that yes, indeed, it is a ground squirrel.

And here is Kathleen and the rest of the Cactus Club working in the cactus garden. It is one of my favorite gardens. They got signs identifying the plants and started placing them today. They look great. There were a bunch of volunteers out today but I was playing in the sprinklers, I mean checking the irrigation system, so I left my camera at my desk. I'm sorry I didn't get photos of everybody. I have my usuals from the Career Center come out. They did a fantastic job of helping out the volunteers in the International Garden. It was a very serendipitous and synergistic thing. I have a lot of moments like that, where there is this task that seems just impossible for me to do and then all of a sudden out of nowhere I get just the help I need. It is one of the things I love about working here.

Look at this crazy bloom. I'm not sure what the plant is, all I can tell you is that it is in the Rainforest Greenhouse. I like how the poinsettas (yes, I've kept them alive since Christmas!) provide a nice backdrop for the leaf.

Let's see, I know I'm forgetting some things. Oh yeah, how could I forget the boyscouts? There was this really great group of boyscouts that came out and repotted our Arbor Day trees. We have 28 trees and I'm trying to grow them a little before they go into the ground. The guys did a great job.

I hear Blooming Deals was a great success. I'll check with Shirley and see if she got any good shots I can post.

I continue to work on the irrigation system. I've almost got all the maxipaws adjusted. Now I have to get to work on the spray heads and drips. And see what on the list I can get done.

Bob was on KAFM today. He talked about all the things we have coming up, the first concert of the summer, the Garden Tour, Hike In a Bottle and the new gardens that are in construction.

I think that wraps it up for the wrap up. I'll check in with you all tomorrow!

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