Wednesday, May 28, 2008

High Water, Saving Baby Skunks, Planting Annuals and A Moth

A lot has been going on the last four days, mainly getting everything ready for the Gardent Tour this weekend. The volunteers and I went to Lois's for breakfast Friday morning. I had the chicken fried steak. Yum. Then while Don and Lloyd were transplanting the hibiscus and stachys I went out to Orchard Mesa Greenhouse and picked up 28 flats of annuals. Instant garden, just add annuals. They are gorgeous. I wanted to take a photo of them because they look so good but you'll just have to come down for the Garden Tour and see them in person. I left at 1pm, the time I'm supposed to leave and I missed all the fun. Wayne from Lunsford came out and got the swamp cooler going. The guys from the city came out to survey the levy so we know exactly where it is. I did manage to get some photos of the river, I think Friday was when it peaked. It didn't flood area where the pump is or the amphitheater so the weddings over the weekend should go as planned, unless someone gets cold feet. ;)

You can't even tell that there is a beaver damn under there any more.

The water came within 5 feet of the bridge but no flooding except along the north channel trail, which is to be expected because it is in the flood plain.

Friday the roses started blooming. Aren't they stunning?

Saturday Elva, Diana, Marty and I met to talk about the tours and the docent situation. I was planning on coming down and doing some work anyway but it was good we met. It was also good because Marty noticed there were six forlorn, baby skunks without their mama. Rick got rid of the ground squirrel but it seems like a mama skunk and her babies moved into the burrow. He got the mama skunk last week and didn't realize that there were babies left behind. Marty was the one who noticed this morning so he came down on a Saturday, in the rain to rescue six baby skunks who all promptly sprayed him. He's our hero. All I saw of the baby skunks were their tails but they sure were cute. I should have gotten a picture but Rick told me to stay away or I'd get sprayed so I did. Stay away that is.

And here are Saturday's flood pictures.

Sunday was half a day of pulling weeds from the Native Garden. I should have done a before and after picture because the difference is so dramatic.

Monday was annual planting. Kenton came out and planted a bed. I did the garden bed in the children's garden and the other two beds out front by where Kenton was working. Paul watered everything and weeded. Joy and Ruth were there working on the sensory garden. Our volunteers are amazing coming out on a holiday.

Tuesday is more annual planting. I'm sure glad Nicole, Richard and Frances showed up today or I never would get it done. As it is there are still maybe 10 flats to go. Hopefully I can get them in this morning. I still need to work on the pond, get the pumps going and coordinate the dirt delivery for the dahlia bed. Celebration Plaza is looking good. The plants are in. The trees went in yesterday and it seems they had a little irrigation irritation of their own. I feel their pain.

Here is a moth I found Tuesday morning. At first glance Richard thinks it is a sphinx moth.

I think that gets you all caught up. I'm off for another day at the Gardens!

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