Monday, May 19, 2008


Well, "rebooting" the controller did not work. So I took it down to GJ Pipe and hopefully they will be able to clear it and get it so I can get it to working and then all my irrigation problems in the amphitheater will be solved. Right.

So, of course, the problem with the other controllers wasn't the electricity at all. Someone had closed the valve so there was no water in the system. Great. So then I start running through the watering programs for the beds that really need water RIGHT NOW and I can't get the zone for the middle of the front lawn to turn off. Yes, I tried the controller. First thing. I even unplugged it. Nothing. So then of course the next thing to check is the control valve. Great. Yes, I know I figured out how to change the diaphragm in a scrubber valve thanks to the Rain Bird website but I still am not real thrilled to open one up and start poking around. So, I'll do it in the morning. ;)

Monte did show me all the steps to getting the irrigation pond pump going and we both concluded while the pump was working it was not sucking water. Maybe the intake is plugged? One way to find out. I'll be going for a dip in the irrigation pond tomorrow. Yee haw. Good thing I work in a place filled with gorgeous flowers.

Aren't these great? I'd like to say I planted them but I didn't. I just got the irises thinned and uncovered the pretty purple plant (that I still don't know the name of) by moving the geranium.

And down in the amphitheater the volunteer blue flax is perfect against the veronica.

Here is Clayton looking handsome as always. He is pointing to the sign that talks about the clean-up of the area. It used to be a junkyard. He did a lot of work on the clean-up. Before that the Gardens were storage for mill tailings. Before that a peony farm. It has kind of gone full circle. There will be peonies in the garden by the office and they came from a place out on the Redlands and they just may be from the peonies that were originally from the garden where the Gardens are today. Cool.

And of course, I can't forget today's pictures of the ever rising river.

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