Friday, May 23, 2008

No Camera

I can't believe I forgot my camera yesterday. All kinds of camera worthy things were happening. The plants are going into Celebration Plaza and things are really shaping up over there. The water level is super high. It is amazing. It wasn't quite up to where the pump was but it was close. It is close to the bridge that goes onto Watson Island and of course there is a little flooding on the north channel trail. I can hardly wait to see what it looks like today.

So, I did a lot of paperwork catch up today. I got almost all the way through with the butterfly permit. It will be good to get that finished. I made an appointment with the butterfly folks in Westminster next month. I'll be going down for Plant Select and so I figured that I'd stay a little longer and check in with the butterfly folks. We have almost all the volunteers we need for the Garden Tour. And I'm ready to go get some annuals. I only need 25-30 flats. Not the 200 I thought. Gee. If I'd only thought for a moment I'd have realized that I was thinking six-pack and saying flat. As Clayton would say, "Duh!"

And the last thing I'm sorry I forgot the camera for: This cute little philodendrum that is growning in front of the puparium finally bloomed! And it looks like more are on the way. I noticed that yesterday when I was spraying for mealy bugs and scale in the greenhouses.

I'm putting the camera in my bag right now so I don't forget it. ;)

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