Thursday, May 29, 2008

Water Lilies and Still More Annuals and a Cute Little Snake

I'm still planting annuals. The gardens are looking good though. City Market called today with a donation of still more annuals. There are plenty of places to fill in and I could always do annuals in containers. Good thing Kim and Hazel came down yesterday to help out. I don't know how I would have gotten everything done without them. And Richard, helping with the weeds. And Clayton mowing the grass and doing about 50 other things. Here he is in action.

This yucca is just stunning. I've been so busy running around getting ready for the Garden Tour that I would have missed it if Kathleen hadn't pointed it out to me. Like, how could you miss it?

I know that the water in the pond is low but the lilies don't seem to mind and water is really clear. I'll get the water level up after the weekend. If I do it now the lilies will be underwater and no one will be able to enjoy them. Except me. I took about 20 pictures of them yesterday. But I won't bore you with them all, just three.

Clayton and I got the pump reattached down at the amphitheater and there finally is water down there. YAYYY!!!! Of course I did have to slog around on the river bank a little and get my little tootsies wet but I'm just thrilled I didn't get stuck. Anyway, on my way back from making everything was OK down there at the end of the day I spied this little guy. Ain't he cute?

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