Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pretty Flowers

I noticed a lot of beautiful flowers in the Gardens on Friday. Probably because I was running around all over the place. Friday was pretty busy. The lights had to get put up for the concert on Friday night. Weeds, always weeds and Elsie did some cleaning up in the amphitheater garden. There was graffiti to be removed. There was lots of activity in Celebration Plaza not to mention about 150 kids touring the greenhouses and gardens. Plus, we thought one of our fish was sick. And paperwork and irrigation irritations. Drop in visitors. Somehow, just about everything got done. All in all a busy day that I was glad to have over. But just look at the great flowers below.

I don't know what this is but it is flowering in the herb garden.

Look at these gorgeous irises in the international garden.
Don knew what the yellow roses were: Persian Yellow. They go along with the Austrian Copper so well because they have the same spore, so sometimes you get an Austrian Copper that also is a Persian Yellow, like you see here. Isn't it beautiful?

Pretty pinks in Ernie's Cactus Garden.

And of course, Friday's river pictures.

It is flowing faster and faster.

And here is our poor "sick" fish. It is the little white one hiding under the philodendrum leaf. Richard noticed a red spot on it and since we didn't know what it was we freaked thinking it was a bacteria or fungus or something. I got on the phone and started calling around. Marine Tech came to our rescue. They looked at our poor little fishie and determined that it was a scrape due to courtship. Our orange goldfish has been pursuing our white goldfish and it seems that she got a little scrape but nothing serious. We didn't need to quarantine her or treat the water or anything. They also said that the water looked good and so did she. They released her back to me the same day saying that the best place for her to recover was in her own pond. They also said there is a possibility that there may be baby goldfish one of these days. I'll definitely let you know if that happens.

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