Sunday, June 22, 2008

6-19-08, Friday

So many weeds, so little time. But Anna and Niki really cleaned up the amphitheater bed. It looks great. Take a peek the next time you go jogging, biking, walking, roller blading, or simply strolling along the River Front Trail.

Richard and Tyler got things ready for Monday's mealy bug massacre. A volunteer is coming out to apply a systemic pesticide to our mealy bugs. This will be only one part of a multi-facted attack, I mean, Integrated Pest Management Plan, to control the mealy bugs and scale in the greenhouses. We will also be applying horticultural oils and compost tea, yes compost tea, it just isn't for fertilizer anymore. We will also be thinning out problem plants and adding new specimens. I know it is summer and the attention is on the outside gardens but exciting things are happening in the greenhouses. We will be getting 6 new koi and I've found a new butterfly supplier who can get us some types of butterflies we haven't seen in the butterfly house for a while. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime here is a lovely shot of the cana lily Richard moved. It is very happy in its new location and looks just great with the varigated bamboo and the crazy camo plant against the back wall.

Pansy bed update. They were left in peace Thursday but today (Friday) the pests were at it again. Elsie repaired the damage and gave the darlings a much needed drink. When I told Niki about it she got quite pugnacious "This is war!" She did a lot of work getting the soil ready and planting the pansies so she isn't about to let anything ruin her good work.

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