Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pictures from Friday

Richard, Tyler and Lloyd (welcome back) planted the creeper garden today. Creeper because it has officially snuck to the other side of the fence. It has butterfly bushes, chocolate flower, the last of the gazanias and the korean feather grass. It feels good to have some plants in that barren area.

Elsie and Anna finished the weeding in the amphitheater and it is looking really good. Now if I could just get the heads fixed on the irrigation we'd be in business. Elsie finished did some deadheading and watering which was much needed and appreciated.

The solitary bees are out in force leaving their mark on the honeysuckle Richard planted last week, lonicera, Kintzley's Ghost.

The purple leaved mimosa, albizia julibrissin, Summer Chocolate, is budding and soon will have those crazy, wispy flowers. It is even starting to provide a tiny bit of shade. In a couple of years it will very nicely shade a section of the sidewalk. I'm thrilled it made it through the cold winter we had this year. It isn't supposed to, it is only supposed to grow in zone 6. I won't tell it if you won't.

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