Monday, June 2, 2008

Two Handsome Guys, Orchids and Boy Am I Happy The Garden Tour Is Over

OK. Lets start with the Garden Tour. It was a smashing success. I don't have an official count yet from Meredith but it is in the neighborhood of 600. More than last year. Yay! I still have a job for a few more weeks. ;) The gardens I saw were amazing and I hear that people noticed the 50 billion annuals that got planted last week. There are still a few left to go in the ground. Hopefully I can get to that this week although I am back to being consumed by the irrigation system this week.

Deb brought some gorgeous orchids down for the Garden Tour. They look much better than my pictures.

Last Friday Randy (on the left) and Tom (on the right) came down to cut down two of the few trees we have. We are getting solar panels installed this week and they had to go. They were very healthy aspen trees and it was sad to see them go and so fast. Randy and Tom had them down and chipped in about 10 minutes.

The greenhouses need a little attention after being neglected for the last couple of weeks. I'm lucky to have Richard. Also, Lloyd stopped by to check on the pump and make sure it wasn't under water yet. I haven't gotten any river pictures for the last few days but it has been rising. The warm, ok, hot, weather has been melting the snow. I didn't pull the pump because I hear this peak isn't going to be as high as the last one. I sure hope not. We'll see tomorrow.

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