Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What? It is Wednesday Already?

So, I should start with Tuesday. Tuesday, Tuesday. What happened on Tuesday? Watering. Getting introduced to the new irrigation controller. Plenty of chatting with interested folks about the community garden. More on that tomorrow. Submitted the butterfly permit. Monday the guys from Painted Desert Landscaping discovered that the folks putting up the tent for the wedding this weekend impaled one of the irrigation lines. I'm sure glad Don from WD Yards came out to fix it. I probably could have fixed it but it would have take me all day because I haven't fixed that many pvc pipes. And it turns out the pcv saw is taking a little vacation and wasn't around yesterday. Or today. So I can put off dealing with the foot valve in the irrigation pond one more day. Shucky darn. ;)

They did a good job of going right through the pipe, huh.

The river's arisin'. Do I pull the pump or not? Not on Tuesday but I did today. This picture is from this morning and while the level did drop a little by this afternoon the storm clouds made me nervous. Plus I got to buy some swell pipe wrenches. They are 18 inches and red. Plus they make short work of the universal couplings on the pump. Nice.

The inlet didn't get this full last week when the river peaked. The bit of cement you see on the left is the outlet for when the water on the other side of the levy needs to drain. I haven't seen this little inlet so full. I'm curious as to how it will look in the morning.

And here are my regular shots from off of the bridge to Watson Island. These photos just do not do them justice. The channel is really turbulent.

However, the honeysuckle is starting to bloom along with the day lilies. The honeysuckle smells fantastic.
One of the really exciting things that happened today was that I finally got the dirt for the dahlia bed today. Yay! I forgot to take a picture of it. It no longer looks like an open mass grave. Now it looks like the beginnings of a flower bed.

The other exciting thing is that almost all of the pansies are planted out in front of the office. Cheryl, Kim and Hazel finished all but 2 flats. It looks great. What I envisioned but couldn't figure out how it was going to get done. The Gardens has such great volunteers.

The other really exciting thing that happened today was that the solar panels are now in place. They just need to get hooked to the grid which will happen Monday. It is so cool. We are so lucky to have them. I'll try to get pictures tomorrow. Or you could just visit your favorite Botanical Garden and see for yourself. ;)

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