Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blooming Magnolia

Anna did a great job of finishing up the gazanias. And out of the blue a volunteer called to say she was available for this afternoon only for a few hours. Perfect! She got the watering done and I got my paperwork done. Monte was a huge help today too. He got the fountains going in the Japanese pond. Plus he showed me the pump for the little pond in the Children's Secret Garden. There is going to be a little change to that fountain but I'm not going to tell you 'til it is done. It is a secret. ;) Plus one irrigation pain in the neck may not be as bad as I think. Yay! I'm excited to be extending an existing garden so that it will be on both sides of the fence. Yes. I'll be using the Plant Select plants. Speaking of I have to get pictures of them. The scutellaria suffrutescens, aka cherry skullcap, is already blooming cute little red blooms. And the rudebekia, aka Denver Daisy, not only is blooming but bounced right back after it got accidentally stepped on. Yes, we are the perfect test site. Not only do we have tough growing conditions, being a public space we face those challenges as well. Yeah, the delosperma, aka ice plant, got trampled by a kid today too. Grrrr.

Apparently, I have been really busy and really focused the last couple of days because I didn't even notice the magnolia blooming until today. I checked that bud every day for the last month and yesterday it decided to bloom. At least I got a photo of it today.

Beautiful, huh?

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Plant said...

Your enthusiasm is contagious!I can't wait to see the results of everyone's hard work there. Yes, sounds like a fantastic "testing" site for everything, including Plant Select plants. I remember when Merle Moore was Horticulture Director at the Denver Zoo - he called it "guerilla horticulture." (It was sort of a play on words, get it?) Good luck with all your projects this summer, and thanks for all you do to promote such great plants for the region.
Pat Hayward
Executive Director
Plant Select