Monday, June 16, 2008

Butterfly Pavillion

I drove up to Denver the day before the Plant Select meeting to meet with the curator of the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster. I found out too late that the meeting was canceled because she was doing a segment for the news. Then the scheduling didn't work out for Thursday but I went anyway just to look around. And yes, I took a zillion photos, mostly of Operations Manager stuff like mister systems, the puparium and signage. But here is one I took just because I liked the plants.

I made it home safely and so did the plants. Here is what a truckload of plants looks like. Except for the flat and a half of pansies. It is really about 8 flats and I have a little truck. ;)

Here is the flat and a half of pansies. Just enough to fill in the bare spot in the pansy garden outside of the office. Perfect, just perfect.

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