Friday, June 20, 2008

Thursday is Plant Day!

I wanted to get photos of the Plant Select plants that got planted because that is what Max and I were busy doing yesterday. The front bed is filling in nicely. Maybe I'll get a chance this morning but I somehow doubt it because of all the weeding and watering to do. Tune it tomorrow and find out.

Here is a picture from the Sensory Garden. I just love the purple and the green.

And Kenton is marveling at the "biggest lavender I have ever seen". It is pretty impressive. You should come on down and check it out.

A friend of mine is visiting from California and we took a little drive south to Montrose. I'd forgotten what a cute little botanic garden Montrose has. If you are bored and looking for a nice afternoon excursion I highly recommend a drive down to Montrose. The botanic garden is off of Niagra Road right next to the Pavillion and it is always open. Plus you can stop for a Chicago Dog if you get hungry. :)

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