Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What? No Pictures

I can't believe I haven't taken any pictures the last couple of days. I guess I've been busy. There have been cool things to see too. Like yesterday in the garden that has all the roses, living oaks and now some new delosperma, I noticed these perfectly round holes, like someone had been poking something in the ground. I poured a little water in them and out came a wasp. So now I have one more pest issue to think about. Environmentally, I'd like to keep them, they are polinators and while they do kill butterflies they kill other things too. Aesthetically the holes make the garden look like it has been vandalized. The holes are right next to the sidewalk. Is that going to be a problem for visitors? I'll think about it and let you know what I decide.

Monday was a thrill because the mealybug pesticide got applied. Now it is just waiting and seeing how effective it is. Can you tell yet? Can you tell yet? How about now? Now? ;)

Tyler excavated the sprinkler heads off of the lawn. Yay Tyler! Oh. That means I have to replace the broken heads. Hey! All you bikers that bike down the levy and onto the grass in the amphitheater. Quit biking over the sprinkler heads and breaking them. It is a pain in the neck to replace them, the lawn doesn't appreciate it and as a struggling non-profit we need to use our money for other things.

Yesterday Nicole got about a flat of gazanias planted. There is one more left to go. The corner by the east entrance is where they are being planted and it is going to look good once the gazillion gazanias get planted.

Pansy report. The marauding pest stayed out of the bed Monday, I think, but I found about 7 upended pansies yesterday. Not bad, but still worrisome. While we are on the subject of vertebrate nuisances, the women who take care of the International Garden noted that something has been nibbling away at the parsley and marigolds. Isn't it just irritating that as soon as you get some plants in the ground anything that is hungry takes note? They guys living on Watson Island have also noticed that tomatoes and cilantro have been planted. They say they are planning on making salsa. They don't understand that taking food out of a garden that isn't yours is stealing.

Tim with the Tamarisk Coalition called with really good news but I'm not telling what it is. There is a press conference set for Monday so watch the news Monday night.

That is it for now. See you in the Gardens.

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