Monday, September 15, 2008

Blue Skies Smiling At Me

What a beautiful day, nary a cloud in the sky. The air was warmed with the last breath of summer. A lovely, lovely day. Just perfect for sitting inside and working on a budget. Arrgh! Oh, don't worry the plants haven't been forgotten. They got their requisite watering from both Ginny and Tyler, special thanks to Tyler for taking down the lights from the concert series. We had a new volunteer start today and she said the magic words "I love decorating for Christmas!" Don't worry, I got my piece of the action too. There were some butterflies that needed releasing. There were some frenetic but pretty orange barr sulphur butterflies, that are really yellow, and some julias, that are orange. And when I had my fill of budgeting I saddled up and kilt me sum weeds. Always a pleasant task.

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