Friday, September 12, 2008

Budgets and Meetings

Hi everybody,

No purdy pictures today. Yesterday I spent almost all day in front of the computer working on a budget for the garden I'm not telling you about yet. Today was spent all day in a tree conference. It was fantastic actually. I know the basics about trees. Don't bury the root flare, no girdling roots, remember to water in the winter. I still have no opinion on the whole how big do you make your planting hole and do you amend the hole debate. When I tranplanted the arbor day trees we just dug a hole splashed in some root stimulator and some vitamins and called it good. The honey locusts didn't make it but the blue spruce, atlas pine, burr oak, catalpa and redbud did. And the privet hedge seems happier back there too. The conference was good because it showed me examples of trees and reinforced what I've been trying to do at the Gardens. PRIM, which is Mike Vendegna's cute acryonym for Plan, Research, Install and Maintain. The tree tour through downtown was fun too. I wonder if we could do one in the spring or summer next year through the Gardens. Would any of you go?

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