Monday, September 22, 2008

When You Are Rich

And I mean rich like crazy rich. Like won the lottery rich. Like inheriting scads of money from Great Aunt Hester. That kind of rich. When you are rich and you are ready to build your butterfly house you will contact Kallima Consulting and chat with Mike and Rich. Just make sure you talk with them before you hire the architect. It'll save you a lot of trouble. They came out to our humble butterfly house Saturday and gave it the once over. They had a lot of great suggestions that we will be incorporating into the days and months to come.

So... I lied to you all. I didn't mean to. I think Kenton made it back today. He just doesn't work until tomorrow and I'm having a very difficult time waiting to hear about how it all went. Very difficult. So to distract myself I went out to the CSU extension and did 15 salt tests for the soil in the new-as-yet-to-be-disclosed garden. That is right, 15. And what I found out was that our salt levels are really not that awful. They aren't good but there are only two spots that are really outrageous. Then I meant to go into the arboretum but it took longer than I thought to do the samples so I ran out of time. I'll be heading back there Friday because it looked great from the parking lot and if it looked great from the parking lot you know it is going to look great up close.

The river clean-up that the Tamarisk Coalition is spearheading started last week. The Colorado Conservation Corps started on the south island and cut and applied herbicide to the russian olive trees. The Workenders came in and did the clean up work. They cut all the trees into three foot sections and drug them to the banks. It seems like our stretch of the Colorado River needs a little extra organic matter and the dead russian olive will help with that so the endangered fish will have some insects to eat. Ecosystems are really complex.

The Workenders went above and beyond on the russian olive. I don't know if any of you have gotten up close and personal with a russian olive but they have these nasty thorns that don't even think twice about stabbing you and drawing blood. Thank you Workenders!!!!!! Not only did they get the russian olive taken care of but when they were done with that they moseyed on over to the Gardens and cleared out just about all the kochia on the east side of the garden. The herb ladies are ecstatic.

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Great Job!!!! So enjoyable to read!