Thursday, September 25, 2008


Today and yesterday were just two more lovely days in the gardens. The cottonwoods down by the river are starting to turn but the plants in the Gardens are still thriving and looking great. I noticed that the Chocolate Mimosa has these really great seed pods and I'm going to try to start one from seed. The rest of the pods I'm going to offer to Shirley. I'm pretty sure she can use them in one of her classes. If you are crafty, and Shirley told me today that everyone is crafty, call 245-3288 for information on some really cool classes coming up in November and December.

The Colorado Conservation Corps has been down on Watson Island spraying for Russian knapweed. Yay! In some spots that is all that is down there. Give our native plants a fighting chance and I'm confident they will overpower the weeds. Home field advantage.

The irrigation in the amphitheater continues to give me grief. I'm going to replace the foot valve on the pump and see if that doesn't do something good.

You should really stop in the butterfly house and see what Richard did last Monday. I'm not spoiling the surprise. You may not even notice except to feel even more happy when you are in there.

Progress on the I'm-not-telling garden are coming along great. Kenton and I are planning a trip to the other side of the hill to talk with someone at the Denver Botanic Gardens about it all. So far everyone we have been working with on this project have been really helpful. Thanks go out to Anne Gibson, Don Campbell, Chad Driggers, Carol Anne Popp and Dr. Curtis Swift. Their input and enthusiasm has been just what I needed.

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