Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well, the brugmansia bloomed. Isn't it fantastic? It looked really great yesterday with the overcast sky making all the light colors glow. This little trumpet flower is one of our successes. It was grown from a twig off of the mama plant. She had a horrible fungus and we had to cut her down which worked out ok because that corner of the greenhouse was really crowded. The fact that we grew something from a twig and didn't kill is a thing to be proud of. Next we managed to save it from the great mealy bug infestation of spring '08. And now it is flourishing and saying "Thanks!" by blooming. You can see one of our polydamas swallowtails haning out there. Another good sign.

Here it is from another view.

Remember, just because the weather outside is crummy doesn't mean you shouldn't come down to WCBG. The greenhousess usually have lots of flowers. And while the butterflies seem to be inactive on cloudy days, yesterday they were flying up a storm. Plus the jasmine was blooming and the scent was heavenly. I think the one of the best times to visit the greenhouses is during lousy weather, especially in the winter time.

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