Saturday, September 20, 2008


The fountain in the water garden has been a little sporadic in its fountaining. Most likely there is something in the filter. So I cleaned out the filter on the pump and headed for the outside filters. Yep. There's some crud in here. I can see how the filters might be-YIKES! THERE'S A FROG IN THE FILTER!!!! Uh, I mean. How cute. A little froggy woggy hiding in the mud. So the filters seem to be doing OK and my heart rate has returned to normal. I don't know about the frog. He took off for the far side of the pond. I don't know why. It wasn't like I was going to kiss him or anything.
Kenton took off to the Denver Botanic Garden's annual bulb show. That is a bulb sale, not an annual sale. Got it? Maybe I was the only one confused by that. Anyway. He is going to be doing some reserach for our special new garden and I gave him my camera to take with so he could get some pictures. He's also stopping by the Betty Ford Alpine Garden and should be bringing us some great pix from there too. Stay tuned. Mondays post should be chock full of photos from Kentons weekend adventures.

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